By Bleddyn Lloyd 06 Dec, 2017
It's official, Rich Lee is moving on to pastures new! Whilst we will be sad to see him leave the Canoe Wales family, he will be moving on to another great adventure and we'd like to wish him the best of luck.

Rich has shown incredible, lasting commitment throughout his life to paddlesport and for around 30 years professionally and has made a lasting impression on the slalom community in Wales and the National White Water Centre which he used to supervise, so as a way to say thank you, we have written him a little poem! 

There is a man named Rich Lee,
Such committed service showed he,
He kayaks and served,
For a good 30 years,
And has created his own legacy... 

Thank you Rich, see you on the river...

By Pauline Gallagher 05 Dec, 2017

It pushes you out of your comfort zone

Ever heard the saying you should do one thing every day that scares you? By putting yourself in an unfamiliar situation you’ll be pushing back your boundaries.

You get out in nature

We all know being outside is good for us but the vast majority of our time is spent indoors. Get outside in the elements and you’ll start to reap the rewards.

It gets you moving

The human body was designed to move. Leave the office behind and get your blood flowing as you paddle down the river. Remember to hold on tight for the rapids. Trust us – you’ll feel amazing afterwards!

Reduces Stress

Let’s be honest, when facing the rapids for the first time you’re not going to be thinking about that overflowing in tray or the never ending e-mails .

Shared experiences build bonds

This counts for family, friends or colleagues. When you’re put together in a new situation it strengthens those bonds, leading to strong friendships and better teams.

By Business Sorted 29 Jun, 2017
British Canoeing is the United Kingdom's Governing Body for the sport and recreation of canoeing and kayaking. This is an exciting time to join British Canoeing, as we develop an exciting and ambitious new strategy for paddlesport in the UK (2017-2021). In the last four years, British athletes have won multiple World Cup, European Championship, World Championship and Olympic medals in canoe sprint. British Canoeing has an aspiration to deliver even more medals at more championship events and to inspire the next generation through exceptional performances.

As part of our restructure within British Canoeing, we have a vacancy for an English Coaching Manager.  Please click here to view the role description . Full details can be found on the British Canoeing website .

The English Coaching Manager will manage British Canoeing (England) coaching and voluntary workforce, as a delivery centre, ensuring compliance with the Awarding Body as well as providing supportive mechanisms. The role includes management of a team of administrators as well employing staff to deliver; moderate and quality assure British Canoeing programmes.

For an informal discussion on the role, please contact Lee Pooley (Head of Coaching and Qualifications).

Click here for full job details
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